Zoeller Basins

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  • Available in high-density polyethylene structural foam, polyethylene or fiberglass
  • Ideal for residential, commercial and industrial applications
  • Complete with necessary sealing hardware and flanges
  • Available with 2” or 3” vent and 2” or 3” discharge
  • Lid with gasket and 4” cast iron inlet hub with anti-corrosion coating are included with the sewage basins
  • Centerline of hub is located 10-1/2” (26.7 cm) from top of basin (standard), custom locations available
  • Polyethylene sewage pump basins are IAPMO approved
  • For 10’ (3 m) stack test models, refer to charts
  • Sealed, radon basins for sump pumps in 18” x 22” (46 x 56 cm) and 18” x 30” (46 x 76 cm) sizes
  • Polyethylene sump basins available with plastic, non-sealed covers in 18″ x 22″ (46 x 56 cm)
  • Sewage basins are watertight and gas-tight when properly installed
  • Durable steel cover with gasket standard on simplex and duplex sewage basins
  • One-piece, seam-free construction on all basins
  • Duplex covers include two pump plates and an inspection plate
  • Ready to install for economical and simple installation
  • Dimensional engineering data available
  • Temperature rated 130 °F (54 °C)
  • Fiberglass models available that will pass the 10’ (3 m) water stack test—refer to charts (L.A. – RR-5311)
  • Various custom diameters and lengths available in fiberglass, consult factory (also with 10’ (3 m) water stack test)
  • Consult factory for larger size basins or special applications
  • 1 year limited warranty

Basins are not designed to be installed where saturated soil hydrostatic pressure extends above the top of the pit unless the pressure is relieved by an independent drainage system. Basin cover vent and discharge seals may be rubber insert or bolted on flange design.

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